Wednesday, 12 January 2011
Contoh text spoof dalam kumpulan lengkap text bahasa Inggris. Spoof text can be tricky as it has an unpredictable ending. This unpredictable ending is called Twist. Because of the unpredictable ending of the story, it can be very funny and amusing. The following is the list of examples of spoof text:
1. Time to go to school
2. Too much love money
3. The job of the zoo
4. The phone is not connected yet
5. Abu Nawas saved by stilts
6. It's none of your business
7. The lucky coat
8. Penguin in the park
9. A smart Potato Farmer
10. The Necklace Story
11. Horseman in the sky
12. Perfect husband
13. Honey, what's for supper?

Kumpulan CONTOH TEXT SPOOF kebanyakan berupa cerita lucu, an unpredictabel ending story. Ini disebut CERITA TWIST. Element twist ini menjadi inti sebuah TEXT SPOOF


Iqbal Fareza said...

Thank you for the information that helped me work on my English assignment .. thanks

IdaaaFarida said...

this is good thanks for information friend :)

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