Monday, 15 August 2011
If you are looking for examples or report text, I have collected some. This complete collections of report text can help you to do your assignment in English texts or just learn what is report text. See the samples of report text below:

The following examples of report text are about animal:

1. Elephant

2. Komodo Dragon

3. Platypus

The following examples of report text are about natural phenomena

1. Earthquake

2. Volcano

3. Tornado

The following examples of report text are about other topics

1. Mangrove Tree

2. Football play

3. Human Body Energy

Overall, Do you know the definition of report text? If you don't or just want to make better understanding, read the following post

What is a report text

Additionally, lots students get hard difficulty to distinguish a report text and descriptive text. If you want to know the clear difference between a report text and a descriptive text, read the following post:

The difference between report text and descriptive text

More explanation about the difference between report and descriptive text


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